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== Far Seas Supply Division Daily Group Tradeskill Mission - sometimes the instance does not reset ==
Sometimes one of them will not reset, but that is probably a bug. Confirmed 5/5/2017, the Shipyard Services has an 18 hour minimum persistence time, for me. The others have a 90 minute persistence which works fine if you are doing them multiple times a day. Shipyard is the one that's persistent, even though the first time today I killed the Clockwork Menace and the Champion to see if they give any loot (spoiler: not really other than a trophy, you still need to do the quest for faction). I would've expected the Clockwork instance to have a longer lockout or persistence, but no. [[User:Subaltern|Subaltern]] ([[User talk:Subaltern|talk]]) 04:04, May 6, 2017 (UTC)

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