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I've been doing a lot of original research on the Possess Essence spell. I intend to fill it out even more with the classes I'm missing and to make additions based on additional research. I would also like to convert the class sections into table and provide some insight on good roles for them in your group. I'm not sure how to make a table, though. Also, the section is getting large, and I wondered if the Pet Strategy article was the best place for it. Do you have any suggestions about how/where I could most effectively include this information? Thanks! --Camelotcrusade 21:47, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

  • Actually, I've redone it completely since I wrote this message and I'm happy with the new format. Still, any suggested improvements or general feedback are welcome! --Camelotcrusade 20:32, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

PE in SF

  • Trapper of Souls - Defiler
  • Hua Mein Guards - Guardian
  • Root Glimmer - appears to be a Wizard, uses firestorm
  • Malignant Seedling - Berserker
  • Toxic Goiter - Berserker
  • Inimical Sparklet - Warlock
  • Bristlevine Abhorrance - Guardian
  • more as i find them

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Bard PEs in SF

  • Crazed Construct (the Hole) - dirge
  • Erudin Abecedarian (Library of Erudin) - dirge
  • Unstable enchanted tome (Library of Erudin) - troub
  • Trapped tomes (forget their names, they are on the ground) by Zaina Zumurrud (Abandoned Labs) - troub
  • Guilded Custodian (Conservatory) - dirge
  • Riyadh (Conservatory) - dirge
  • Ca'Na Ravagia (Vestigial Cella) - dirge
  • Queen Gwarthlea (Vestigial Cella) - dirge

--18:08, January 29, 2011 (UTC)Camelotcrusade

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