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Overview of the common Blue stats
hregen # In-Combat Health Regeneration Per Tick pregen# In-Combat Power Regeneration Per Tick toughness # Toughness
multi #% Multi Attack Chance dps#% Damage Per Second aspeed#% Attack Speed
potency#% Potency crit#% Crit Chance critbonus#% Crit Bonus
hategain# or -# Hate Gain abmod+# Ability Modifier accuracy#% Accuracy
bchance#% Block Chance epc#% Extra Parry Chance erc#% Extra Riposte Chance
edc#% Extra Dodge Chance mitinc#% Mitigation Increase maxpow# Max Power
mspeed# Mount Speed icrspeed# In-Combat Run Speed ocrspeed# Out of Combat Run Speed
acspeed#% Ability Casting Speed arspeed#% Ability Reuse Speed srspeed#% Spell Reuse Speed
ripostedmg#% Riposte Damage aeauto #% AE Autoattack Chance strike #% Strikethrough

It's allso possible to add other common bluestats by useing {{EquipmentEffect|Fullname of the Effect|I to n}} for the effectlist and {{EquipEffectDesc|Fullname of the Effect|I to n}} for the effectdesc.

You've preloaded the template used for ALL equipable gear in the game (weapons/armor/charms), but this one is setup for new ARMOR (weapon specific fields are removed)

Note: Not all available fields are shown above, if you cannot find a field that fits your needs,
please check the documentation on Template:EquipInformation for COMPLETE listing.

Note: Shield support has changed. Please now set slot=Shield instead of wtype

This is a talk page. Please remember to sign your posts using four tildes (~~~~) or the signature button
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