One StrategyEdit

Linked to two single-up heroic a lesser plagueborn prowler, this mob casts extensive noxious AOEs and as such, it is recommended that the group be at max range from the tank. The AE is large enough that it will still take out healers who are standing at max range if the mob's back is facing the group. One strategy our group considered (before encountering the bug below) was having the tank have his back to us to increase the distance between healer(s) and mob.

Another StrategyEdit

He and his two adds (96^Heroic) become attackable after a six-round ring event, the failure of which sets you back to round one. This is very similar to Valdoartus Varsoon's blade room, complete with the need to have your coercer spam hemorrhage every time it's up in order to interrupt his 27-second noxious AOE "Spew Bile." Around 80%, a red message will pop up and call out someone in your group; you have to move away from the ball of slime that spawns beneath that person and resume the attack.

If you fail to keep him interrupted, one of two things happens followed by an eventual third: 1) he either stifles you then AOEs you, or 2) he AOEs you, either of which tends to be followed by you hitting revive.

We pet pulled him to the room below and it seemed to be a lot less problematic, given that there were no ramps or fire pots to maneuver around. We simply ignored his adds and let them die from AOE/encounter damage, but found in the end that we couldn't pull it off as our coercer's interrupts and stuns kept getting resisted. Nremtp78 02:39, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

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