Spawning the Prophet Edit

Assuming it's not totally random :

  • It seems there's more chance to spawn The Prophet by killing the 4 heroic groups around the altar as fast as possible (at the same time if you can).
  • The 4 heroic groups was all 3x single-ups when The Prophet spawned for me.

Good luck ! ;)

agreed that the luck was much better at the Pillar of Flames loc listed on the main page. We killed probably 200 grey mobs at the SS loc near the Prophet's spawn point, never a drop. Within 20 kills at the PoF loc, we had 3 drops.

Confirmed that this does not take very long to spawn the prophet any longer. Kill all the lunatics and he should be in the next spawn group by the time all of the separate lunatic groups are dead.

Prophets and LunaticsEdit

The following comment was left on the main page:

The best luck that I have had with hunting Prophets and Lunatics for this item is in the Pillars of Flame at ( 776, -120, -887 ) /waypoint 776.38, -120.02, -886.65. Dropped five out of six times from those groups, as opposed to almost every other group nearby.

Quest StarterEdit

The following comment was left on the main page:

Despite what it says above, the quest start is STILL no drop, how ever, as soon as you use it, it becomes no trade.

home city Edit

Even though quest says to go back to your home city, you should go to South Qeynos if you're a "good" character - Saytawe

Unless I am missing something, doesn't the article already tell you to do that? No where do I see it say 'go to your home city,' I see it say evil-aligned go here, good-aligned go there. If I am missing something, please point it out so that we can correct it. --lordebon 17:45, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

Its no longer an epic at the end, but is still very hard to solo. tank and healer recommended... but root and nuke if you have a few wizards... or a wizard and warlock

Lieutenant Kielmal Edit

If you're silly and leave the ship before clicking the chest to retrieve the artifact, you can re-stow away to the pirate ship. Portengine 13:14, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

Status Edit

  • At level 76, I received 51,600 status points. Sakshale (talk) 05:16, January 20, 2015 (UTC)
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