As a recent owner of this Epic i propose a change on the step 7 of the quest.

The location is inaccurate, i think that it changes for every player.

i spent a lot of time walking around this location without any update.

In fact the location is marked with a blinking book icon on your map....if you have it opened which was not my case.

The best would be to recommend to have the map or the mini map open and search for the blinking book icon.

Hope it helps. --—Preceding unsigned comment added by Kkwet (talkcontribs)

Final Quest Step Edit

Just ran this with a Paladin friend. The Shackle guy despawns after about ten seconds, whether you attack him or not. However, he will respawn after about three minutes, so don't panic like we did.

--Kriptini 06:16, December 30, 2009 (UTC)

Terror cannot be done at lvl 90 Edit

Shard of Fear will not work properly if you are lvl 90. You will need to mentor down to 80-ish in order for the zone to work correctly.

That may be the case at 90 if you are initializing the zone. I am 81 and started the instance, and had no issues with an un-mentored 90 entering. Just a note, though for Terror you MUST be on the right step. I went and got the flower and killed Terror before talking to Izzal and he did not drop a mark.

Soloed at 90, with 90 PvP Legendary Gear, no DoV or CoE 16/3/2013, very easy for a Paladin.

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