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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Halls of the Unseen more
How to Start Talk to Nyran Dudez
part of: Dark Mail Gauntlets Timeline
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Speak with Nyran Dudez at ( 110, 2, 33 ) /waypoint 110, 2, 33. "Look, your new uniform is on order, and I have been recruiting like mad! Nazar is helping as much as he possibly can as well!" What do you want me to do? "Well untill you decide there is someone we can trust, you're going to need to collect the reports from the other new cell leaders!" Nyran asks you to collect the cell reports again. (These are in the same locations that you visited while performing Menial Tasks...)

  • Neriak: ( -109, 22, -12 ) /waypoint -109, 21.6, -11.75 Eq2map in Indigo Hollow behind Ulsurus Outfitters.
    • If the Neriak guards are hostile, use invis. The guards do not see invis, not even the epics.
    • Invisible works fine, as long as you take the right path. The first two guards at the Darklight Woods gate cannot see invis. There are two guards in cubbies on either side of the interior of the gate that do see invis and a roamer further in Indigo Hollow. To avoid all: go straight in and stop right in front of the fountain that you can see from the doorway. Wait until the roamer (a level 108) roams away from the left path and off you go. Otherwise, you can group with an evil friend, have them go to the Ulsurus Outfitters and then call you to them, or if you have the ability, you can port yourself to them.
  • Gorowyn: ( 2594, 87, 1333 ) /waypoint 2594, 87, 1333 Eq2map Travel up the ramps to The Dragon's Anchor, where the chest is behind some crates in back of the bar.
  • North Qeynos: ( 480, -21, -378 ) /waypoint 480, -21, -378 Eq2map behind the Ironforge Estate in the Qeynos Capitol District.
    • If the Qeynos guards are hostile, you will need to go to Antonica and use the Antonica bell to enter The Caves. Behind a waterfall there is a door to the Down Below. ( -28, 1, -76 ) /waypoint -28, 1, -76 From there, take the Qeynos Capitol District - North Qeynos sewer grate. ( -101, 1, -97 ) /waypoint -101, 1, -97
  • South Freeport: ( -186, -30, 279 ) /waypoint -186, -30, 279 Eq2map Behind the 10 Freedom Road house.
    • If the Freeport guards are hostile, you will need to go to the Commonlands and take the sewer hatch ( -1252, -84, 120 ) /waypoint -1252, -84, 120 to enter the Thieves' Way, then go through the City of Freeport - South sewer grate. ( -111, 1, 104 ) /waypoint -111, 1, 104


  • Completing this quest gives +1000 faction with The Circle of the Unseen Hand
  • After completing this quest 10 times, the player is able to purchase a set of style armor in the Halls of the Unseen instance from "a dark talon merchant" (in the deepest room of the instance).
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