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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Plane of Magic  (AA)
Journal Level 106 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Plane of Magic more
How to Start Speak to Atkuki ( -680, -39, -10 ) /waypoint -680.33, -38.85, -9.93 Eq2map in a camp at the wall up to the Pakiat Bluffs in Drukyna Marsh.
part of: Planes of Prophecy Timeline
Preceded by:
Unusual Suspect
Followed by:
No Pride to Speak Of
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A crudely sketched map
  1. Kill an alux marshsifter ( -711, -54, 111 ) /waypoint -711.23, -53.60, 111.10 Eq2map along the shore in Drukyna Marsh and loot a crudely sketched map.
  2. Examine the crudely sketched map in your inventory to get a clue where to search for Annuk’ka.
  3. Investigate the nesting area in the northeastern part of Drukyna Marsh ( -822, -50, 29 ) /waypoint -822.20, -50.29, 29.47 Eq2map and kill the 2 nest watchers that ambush.
    A makeshift nest
  4. Inspect the nearby makeshift nest ( -822, -50, 29 ) /waypoint -822.20, -50.29, 29.47 Eq2map that likely belongs to the sphinx.


  • At least 1p 53g 9s
  • Completing this quest gives -1500 faction with House Vahla
  • Completing this quest gives +1500 faction with House Yrzu
  • Completing this quest gives -1500 faction with Pride Pakiat
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