Following is an overview of the fabled Tier 3 armor sets in The Shadow Odyssey. To obtain pieces of this armor, you will need to loot a corresponding mold from Ward of Elements, a x2 raid zone. For fabled armor sets from x4 raid zones, see TSO Fabled Sets.

For Tier 1 and Tier 2 Legendary shard armor sets, see TSO Legendary Shard Armor Sets.

The molds for this armor are dropped as follows:

HeadKhost Alur
Forearms (Does not require a mold)Captain Grush
HandsGelidus Ventus
Benach Aglebar
FeetImperator Ignus
Benach Aglebar

After you have the mold, you will need to purchase the corresponding pattern from Assilus Poisonbolt at the docks in Lavastorm for the mold and Void Shards. After this, you can buy the armor piece from Borden Chargehammer at the docks in Lavastorm for the pattern.

  • These sets no longer require the T2 armor piece to complete.

There are 4 subclass-specific mold sets that are shared between classes:

  • Elemental Vanquisher for Warriors, Predators and Enchanters
  • Elemental Champion for Crusaders, Rogues and Clerics
  • Elemental Gladiator for Brawlers, Bards and Druids
  • Elemental Master for Shamans, Summoners and Sorcerers

There is also a generic mold set that can be used for all plate, chain and leather wearers:






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