SF - T4 Earthen Shard set

SF T4 - Vinewalker's Wandering set from Underfoot Depths

Armor Set: T9 Leather Healer - Earthen Shard

(NOTE: Only the Forearms and Gloves form a set bonus)

  • (2) Applies: Earth Meld
    • 15% ability Recovery Speed, +300 power
      • On a healing spell cast this spell may cast Sacred Territory on the group. Lasts for 30.0 seconds. Triggers about 2.0 times per minute. Cannot be modified except by direct means.
        • Wards group members (AE) against 9,313 points of all damage

This armor may be worn only by: Fury, Warden

Drop Locations Edit

This armor is dropped as follows:

SlotArmor PieceMonsterZone
ForearmsUnwavering Earth ShackleSaalaxUnderfoot Depths
HandsUnwavering Earth GauntletMosaasus Underfoot Depths

Needed items Edit

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, go to the Paineel in The Sundered Frontier.

Both the Mold and the Pattern are bought from Krin'Jilna at (1,682, -282 ,3 ,447)

HeadSoothing Malleable Shard: Head1 Earthen Shard + Bestial Shadowfyre Skullcap
ShouldersSoothing Malleable Shard: Spaulders1 Earthen Shard + Bestial Shoulderpads of Mutation
LegsSoothing Malleable Shard: Greaves1 Earthen Shard + Bestial Leather Legs of the Plague
FeetSoothing Malleable Shard: Boots1 Earthen Shard + Bestial Identical Travelers Boots

SlotPatternArmor Piece
HeadSoothing Malleable Shard: Head + 125 Seal of AradVinewalker's Wandering Cap
ShouldersSoothing Malleable Shard: Spaulders + 150 Seal of AradVinewalker's Wandering Spaulders
LegsSoothing Malleable Shard: Greaves + 175 Seal of AradVinewalker's Wandering Leggings
FeetSoothing Malleable Shard: Boots + 125 Seal of AradVinewalker's Wandering Boots
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