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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Setri Lur'eth at ( 1088, 0, -328 ) /waypoint 1088, 0, -328
part of: Nights of the Dead Timeline
Preceded by:
A Nightmarish Illness
Followed by:
A Dream, By Any Other Name

What does this information mean?

Speak to Setri Lur'eth at ( 1088, 0, -328 ) /waypoint 1088, 0, -328| get the quest, she is the one you talk to when doing the initial quest for the Hedge Maze.

If the girl dies, you have to start the zombie waves all over again. Speak to her ghost and she will let you try again.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Zone into Charnel Hollow ( 884, 7, -471 ) /waypoint 884, 7, -471. (mentoring down scales the zombies down too)
  2. At first, go to some of the houses that circle the zone and move the plants to the girl in the middle of the zone. (Best to place them in a small horse shoe shape around her, so they can all be in attack range) - Note: there are 6 or 7 in total. There are also various zombie killing weapons on the porches, when you pick one up the message seems to indicate that this gives you some advantage, but they may be just cosmetic.
  3. Talk to the girl to start the encounter.
  4. Waves of Zombies will start attacking. Kill Zombies and stop them from killing the girl. The plants will help you kill the zombies, so pull to them. They will ignore the girl if you engage them, so you can just AoE them if they get too close.
  5. After a few waves of zombies a Doll named will spawn right next to the girl. This will happen while you are still killing zombies, so watch out for the notice of the doll. - If the girl dies, hail her ghost to restart (Girl will respawn "alive" again). (If you die, keep going. I died 3 times fighting that doll at the end.)
  6. Once you finish killing the doll and all the zombies speak to the girl again.
  7. Return to Setri Lur'eth in Nektulos Forest

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • On one of the porches is a Scribbled Zombie Note house item. This, like many other aspects of the quest, is a tribute to the game Plants vs Zombies.

Jack O'Lantern.jpg This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Nights of the Dead festivities, which come to Norrath each year from (roughly) mid- to late-October through to early- to mid-November.

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