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**Drink: 24 Out-of-Combat Power Regeneration
**Drink: 24 Out-of-Combat Power Regeneration
**Food: 37 Out-of-Combat Health Regeneration
**Food: 37 Out-of-Combat Health Regeneration
??? How do you equip this spell if it doesn't show up on your hotbar?

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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Summon Food and Water
Icon red food drink
Summons food and drink for the chosen ally.
"Cheese! Where?" - Anthony Adelar, Qeynosian soldier.

Target Raid or Group Friend
Power Scales
Casting 5.0 seconds
Recast 30.0 seconds
Range Up to 10.0 meters
Level 6



This spell is not upgradeable


  • The food and drink summoned depends on the caster's level:
  • L80 food/drink (from a L70+ priest):
    • Drink: 24 Out-of-Combat Power Regeneration
    • Food: 37 Out-of-Combat Health Regeneration
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