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Strong boxes are wood-based containers used by characters to carry most of their inventory with them. They can also be used to increase space in bank slots or in the storage (the vault) you can access when inside player housing.

  • They are primarily made by Carpenters, but you may get some as you do quests and items that function in the same manner are sold by some NPC merchants.
  • At one time, strong boxes added additional weight to your character (a mechanic that could slow movement) but this was removed. As a result, both strong boxes and Backpacks serve the same purpose.
  • Each player-made (crafted) strong box also has the same number of slots as player-made backpacks of the same Tier.
  • Due to market fluctuations and item availability, it's wise to search the broker for both backpacks and strong boxes now that they function in the same manner. At times, both backpacks and strong boxes with the same number of slots can vary greatly in price and you may save a great deal of coin.

A tip for carpenters: strong boxes have new boxes at each tier, with new recipes appearing on recipe sheets ending in "5" (e.g., 25, 35, 45, etc) for each crafting tier.

Sizes by tier[]

Tier Slots Wood Type Name
1 8 Severed elm Pristine elm strong box
1 12 Severed alder Pristine alder strong box
2 12 severed maple Pristine maple strong box
2 16 Severed Bone Pristine bone strong box
3 16 severed ash Pristine ash strong box
3 20 Severed Fir Pristine fir strong box
4 20 severed briarwood Pristine briarwood strong box
4 24 Severed Oak Pristine oak strong box
5 24 severed teak Pristine teak strong box
5 28 Severed Cedar Pristine cedar strong box
6 28 severed sandalwood Pristine sandalwood strong box
6 32 Severed Ironwood Pristine ironwood strong box
7 32 rough lumbered rosewood Pristine rosewood strong box
7 36 rough lumbered ebony Pristine ebony strong box
8 36 redwood lumber redwood strong box
8 40 mahogany lumber mahogany strong box
9 40 sumac lumber sumac strong box
9 44 eucalyptus lumber eucalyptus strong box
10 44 swamp ash lumber swamp ash strong box
10 48 bubinga lumber bubinga strong box