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==Quests you should get first==
There are several quests that start in [[Antonica]] that involve [[Stormhold]]. You should pick them all up before you head to [[Stormhold]] for the first time!
*[[How Did Their Garden Grow?]] (20)
*[[Exploring the Chessboard]] (23)
*[[Corroborating the Existence of the Stormhold Library]] (24 Heroic)
*[[Does the Underforge Exist?]] (20 Heroic)
== Entrance ==
== Entrance ==
Located on the eastern mountains of Antonica. (-2350, 230)
Located on the eastern mountains of [[Antonica]]. (-2350, 230)
== Quests ==
== Quests ==
[[Sir Valinayle]] series
*See the [[Stormhold Timeline]]
#[[Scorched Skeletons]]
#[[Defiled Knights]]
#[[Defiled Squires]]
#[[Defiled Lancer]]
#[[Defiled Keeper]]
#[[Defiled Sentries]]
#[[Defiled Priest]]
#[[Lord Byron]]
#[[Lord Benfield]]
#[[Lord Dyana]]
#[[Lord Gydak]]
#[[Sir Valinayle's Request]]
==Other quests==
*[[Cleansing the Filth]] (17)
*[[Relics for Elurad]] (20)
*[[Unearthed Scions]] (23)
*[[Cleansing the Corruption]] (24)
*[[Cleansing the Enemy]] (26)
*[[A Key to the Past]] (28)
*[[Tomb of Valor]]
*[[Tomb of Valor]] ''access quest is [[A Key to the Past]]''

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Located on the eastern mountains of Antonica. (-2350, 230)



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