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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Altar of Malice
Level Range 98-100
Zone in from Phantom Sea
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo-Group
Failure Lockout failure lockout needed!
Success Lockout success lockout needed!
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What does this information mean?


On your first pass through the center room (the Collapsed Sanctum) ( 66, -12, -143 ) /waypoint 66, -12, -143, clear the room of all monsters, including the non-aggro malformed geodes and aggro stonescale serpents.

Poxrata, Brudu, and Krudu Edit

Ramp up to the right of entrance ramp:

  1. Poxrata is grouped with her friends Brudu, Grudu, and Krudu in the Tide Wall room ( -38, -10, -148 ) /waypoint -38, -10, -148.
    • Make sure you have a water breathing spell or charm before starting this fight. The Fishbone Earring from the Heritage Quest Hadden's Earring works perfectly, although some other water breathing spells such as Watery Respite may not.
    • You may need to focus on Brudu, Grudu, and Krudu, ignoring the red that Poxrata emits. Poxrata will be mostly dead by the time you have both companions taken out. Alternatively, if you have plenty of DPS, you can simply burn Poxrata, and her friends disappear when she dies.

Unatu Edit

Ramp up to the left from entrance ramp: some trash mobs to clear if you want/need a clean fight. Has a knock back that doesn't seem to be avoidable. Other than that, burn him down.

Earthen Behemoth Edit

  1. The Earthen Behemoth spawns in the Collapsed Sanctum ( 66, -12, -143 ) /waypoint 66, -12, -143 after killing Unatu and Poxrata.
    • Hopefully you cleared the room on an earlier pass through it. Otherwise, AOEs or knock-backs can garner unwelcome aggro, and the malformed geodes will debuff you.
    • During the fight, the Earthen Behemoth breaks into smaller dislodged stone adds.
    • If the dislodged stones aren't killed quickly, the Earthen Behemoth will suck them back up and they will heal him. Their health is low so they can be taken out easily.
    • The Earthen Behemoth has a knock-back that throws you up in the air.

Vathsis Edit

  1. Vathsis spawns in the Sentinel's Lair ( 68, -8, -261 ) /waypoint 68, -8, -261. This is the room to the North of the center.
    • During the fight, Vathsis activates the four statues around the center of the room one at a time as an infused effigy as his health decreases. He starts with the one to the southwest of the center and sequences through them clockwise.
    • The infused effigies drain your power. They can be killed one at a time with slow DPS on Vathsis, or if you have a lot of DPS you can ignore them and just burn Vathsis, the adds disappear when he dies.

Kavis Set'Ra Edit

This is the room to the West of center. groups of trash mobs that are about as tough as those you had to fight through from the entrance.

  1. Jump down into the room to start the fight; soon Kavis will use and damage the teleporter.
  2. A Shade of Kavis will appear on the first ledge ( 162, -21, -14 ) /waypoint 162, -21, -14, initially immune to damage.
    • Don't use the teleporter: it will give you a debuff in increments of 20 and caps at 80 that will decrease your total health. The debuffs can be dispelled, but there's an easier way.
    • In each corner of the room, hooked brineterrors will spawn, initially non-aggro but soon zooming in for the kill. As each spawns, a waterspout is formed.
    • Enter the waterspout nearest to the ledge and swim up the water column. Swim higher than the ledge before angling in, you're going to fall a bit as you exit the water.
      • Note: swim all the way to the top, aim for the ledge and move forward till you land on the platform
    • finish a Heroic Opportunity to make the Shade of Kavis attackable, then kill it.
  3. The second Shade of Kavis appears on the ledge at ( 200, -21, -46 ) /waypoint 200, -21, -46. Repeat the steps from the first Shade.
  4. The third Shade of Kavis appears on the ledge at ( ?0? ) . Repeat the steps from the first Shade.
  5. Kavis will reappear on the floor at ~30% health. He has an uncurable AOE debuff, so hopefully you didn't use the damaged teleporter. Burn him down.
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