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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission
Journal Level 95 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Great Divide more
How to Start Talk to Provocateur Bas Darkfrost ( 1193, -456, 646 ) /waypoint 1193, -456, 646
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Level 90 and +10K Thurgadin Faction

Notes Edit

Don't step within aggro of giants or you'll be spotted. Don't kill them either. Doing either of those decreases your rewards. If you are spotted and don't want to lose rewards, you can run them off, evac, or use Disappearing Act if your are a worshiper of Bristlebane.
Clicking the green "shiny" items are traps used to distract guards and get them to around the zone as you need them to.


  1. Poison the kromzek's ale. Click three kegs in the bar room ( -700, 117, 500 ) /waypoint -700, 117, 500
  2. Use the coldian (sic) spirits to destroy the armory. Move the barrel found at ( -686, 118, 572 ) /waypoint -686, 118, 572 to the fire near ( -466, 118, 300 ) /waypoint -466, 118, 300. It will explode.
    • Note:Exploding the keg will cause the guards from the Trophy Room to enter the Armory. Sometimes the next step is to kill the Armsman on the upper level. Once Trophy Room guards enter the Armory, it is hard to take the lift up to kill the Armsman. So it's a good idea to bring the lift down before you place the keg next to the fire. Then place the keg and run onto the lift and take it up. Then quickly look to see if you need to kill the Armsman, if you don't, you can run off the back of the lift before the new guards enter the room.
  3. Kill Commander Commander Harric in the center of the Grand Hall. You can clear this room of the excess guards by triggering the green traps in the bar room and the barracks ( -456, 117, 507 ) /waypoint -456, 117, 507.
  4. Now you must defeat one of the Kromzek officers.They are randomly assigned between Armsman Hodran in the upper level of the Armory, Supply Master Gawlmal in the Storeroom, Quartermaster Bertager in the Barracks and Chaplain Ansmund in the War Room. #To distract the guards between the Commander and the Chaplain use the horn found in the treasury. Use it while inside the treasury or they will see you - when they past it you can head to the back room. Bring the commander to the Trophy Room to kill him so you don't risk the guards returning while you are fighting.


Best Rewards:

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