The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
This article is being retained for historical reasons
This series of World Event quests led up to the release of Echoes of Faydwer and then were removed from the game

Return of the Gods Timeline
1a. Spear of the Sentries
1b. Shreds of Fear
2a. The Arena of Zek
2b. Peaceful Prison Break
3a. Awakening of the Underfoot
3b. Trial of Flame
4a. The Battle of Cauldron Hollow (Good)
4b. The Battle of Cauldron Hollow (Evil)
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Commonlands more
How to Start Speak with Sir Bayden Cauldthorn outside The Graveyard gate in Commonlands at ( -1361, -82, -348 ) /waypoint -1361, -82, -348
part of: Return of the Gods Timeline
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Notes Edit

  • This quest is for good-aligned characters only.
  • Evil-aligned players should look at Shreds of Fear instead.

Steps Edit

  1. Zone into The Graveyard and locate the tombstone of Celsar Vestagon. ( -41, -11, -17 ) /waypoint -41, -11, -17
  2. Search for and enter the unmarked tomb. ( 31, -10, 22 ) /waypoint 31, -10, 22
  3. Hail Celsar Vestagon in Tomb of Celsar Vestagon (An instanced zone).
  4. Exit the tomb and hail Merko Quetalis at ( -80, -11, 0 ) /waypoint -80, -11, 0
  5. Enter The Commonlands and hail Tarntanis Quetalis in East Nomad Camp near the entrance to The Wailing Caves at ( -160, -48, -821 ) /waypoint -160, -48, -821
  6. Hail The Ghost of Merko Quetalis who appears after you return the ring to Tarntanis Quetalis.
  7. Return to the Tomb of Celsar Vestagon and hail Celsar Vestagon
  8. Exit the tomb and enter the The Commonlands
  9. Approach the bridge near Lucan's Mount from the west and walk the bridge ( 100, -47, -660 ) /waypoint 100, -47, -660
    • NOTE: This is a tedious step. Go slowly, walking to the other end of the bridge.
    • Any time you see a beetle ahead of you, use the broom you were given to repel the beetles that appear on the bridge. You can set a hotkey to click the broom to make sweeping easier. Beetle pathing is highly variable; you may end up repeating this step several times until you cross the bridge without murdering innocent lives. Don't let a beetle cross your path. Stopping until the beetles moves past you will still kill the beetle.
  10. Return to Tomb of Celsar Vestagon and hail Celsar Vestagon.
  11. Sacrifice yourself by right clicking the altar in the center of the room.
    • You will be killed and will receive experience debt.
    • Your items will automatically be repaired for you at no cost.
  12. Hail Celsar Vestagon.
  13. Enter the The Commonlands and hail Sir Bayden Cauldthorn to receive your reward.

Reward Edit

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