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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Graveyard
Journal Level 12 (Tier 2)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Graveyard more
How to Start Hail an Ethernere guard wandering around the zone
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What does this information mean? You may wish to do this quest while also doing The Book of the Dead (Quest), as both require you to kill graverobbers.


  • Even though the Ethernere guards will attack Good-aligned players on sight, it is still possible to receive this quest by right-clicking and hailing the guard outside of their aggro radius.


  1. Kill graverobbers until you receive four relics.
    • Graverobbers only spawn during game night, between 8pm and 5am.
    • Graverobber spawn points must be empty of other mobs (skeletons and zombies); kill the placeholders just before 8pm game time so the next spawn will be a graverobber:
      • ( -85, -11, 28 ) /waypoint -85, -11, 28
      • ( -75, -15, 19 ) /waypoint -75, -15, 19
      • ( -61, -11, -32 ) /waypoint -61, -11, -32
      • ( 47, -3, -30 ) /waypoint 47, -3, -30 - outside the blue quest area on the map but spawns graverobbers that update the quest.
    • Possible mobs are a novice graverobber, an amateur graverobber and a graverobber; they can spawn as singles, duos or trios; and are all trackable.
  2. Take the relics to the tomb of Sir Acknim ( -39, -10, -40 ) /waypoint -39, -10, -40 and click on the tombstone in front of it.
  3. Return to one of the Ethernere guards.


  • At least 3s 62c
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