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Solusek Ro
Solusek Ro, The Burning Prince
The Burning Prince
Alignment - Neutral
Prophet - Civean Il'Pernod

The Plane of Sun is ruled by Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince. His father, Fennin Ro is the Tyrant of Fire who rules the greater elemental Plane of Fire, from which the Plane of Sun derives its power. Solusek wears a suit of golden ringmail and a crown of flame and wields a spear of fire. He is allied with no one, enemies with no one. He has a friendly rivalry with Mithaniel Marr. [Source]

Accepting Your Deity[]

Speak with Civean Il'Pernod320, 188, 495 ) Copy at the base of the Griffon tower above the Butcherblock docks.

Devotion Quests[]

  1. Ro's Flame [25]
  2. Ro's Infernal Device [35]
  3. Ro's Vessel [55]
  4. Ritual of the Flame's Purification [65]
  5. The Avatar of Flame [75] (heroic)


Blessing Name Favor Description
Servant of Flame 750 Summon an attacking pet imp
Solusek's Gift 717 Heat based spells are 50% harder for your enemies to resist
Blessing of Solusek 819 Increases heat mitigation, and if you take heat damage, heals you
Ro's Fury 922 On a successful hostile spell, 40% chance to inflict extra heat damage on target
Inferno's Glory 1024 Damage of all heat-based spells is increased by 10% and the power cost decreased by 10%


Miracle Name Favor Description
Wrath of the Burning Prince 922 Next heat-based spell does "massive" damage. Caster always does critical damage on spell attacks. Dispelled when target casts a hostile spell.
Solusek's Soothing Scorch 1076 On a successful hostile spell, heals health and power. 5 Triggers total.
Spear of the Sun 1229 Summons a pet that reduces the casting time, recast time, and power cost of heat-based spells by 50%. Pet can also attack.
Incinerate 1687 Inflicts massive heat damage on target if it is under 50% health
Sun Sphere 1537 Summons a limited pet that lasts for 24 seconds and does high damage


Pet Cloak Avatar
Minion of Ro Cloak of the Burning Prince Avatar of Flame
Minion of Ro (pet).jpg Cloak of the Burning Prince (worn).jpg Avatar of Flame.jpg