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Pretty much the first thing that becomes evident the second you step into Kunark is that the place is HUGE. The zones make Antonica and The Commonlands look tiny. Enter the sokokar. These friendly little dragon-like creatures allow you to fly from a sokokar post (once you have bound your sokokar to the post) to a maximum of four other destination posts.

Here's how to get your sokokar:

Head to Kylong Plains. Just off the boat you'll come across Borbin Happens. He will give you some quests. After completion of these quests you will get a young sokokar charm that you must have with you in inventory to be able to use the sokokar transports (it also lets you summon a sokokar fun pet).

Sokokar Posts and Routes

Kylong Plains

Fens of Nathsar

Kunzar Jungle

Jarsath Wastes