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See A young sokokar for the sokokar "fluff" pet.

The various zones associated with Kunark are so vast, they make Antonica and The Commonlands look tiny!

Enter the sokokar. These friendly little dragon-like creatures allow you to fly from a sokokar post to other destination posts.

Before you can use this travel system, you need to gain access to it. This can be done with either adventure quests or with tradeskill quests. See the Sokokar Timeline for details.

Sokokar Posts and RoutesEdit

The sokokar can be used to travel within the all of the zones on the continent of Kunark and some are connecting points from one Kunark-related zone to the next.

At one time you had to travel to each location and "bind" the sokokar to each post. This was eliminated when travel was revamped.

Before travel was revamped, you had to switch from one post to the next. Now all points connect within a zone, but the old travel connections are retained for historical purposes below.

Kylong PlainsEdit

Fens of NathsarEdit

Kunzar JungleEdit

Jarsath WastesEdit

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