Snuffles Skunkstripe

Snuffles Skunkstripe

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Burynai
Zone Fens of Nathsar (Rise of Kunark)
Location Canyon near Bellywhumper Burrows sokokar post ( -2162, -298, -1456 ) /waypoint -2162, -298, -1456

Items for saleEdit

Requires +40,000 faction with the Bellywhumpers to purchase

Items for salePrice
Bangled Belt of the Bellywhumper6p 22g 8s
Battleshaman's Chainmail Gauntlets7p 41g 31s 20c
Bellywhumper's Sparkley Band6p 22g 8s
Bonedigger Costume3p
Boots of the Bellywhumper6p 73g 92s
Drape of the Bellywhumper Ally6p 22g 8s
Ironhide Rhino Bulwark6p 73g 92s
Shiney Symbol of Bellywhumper Friendship6p 22g 8s
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