How can you obtain these items?

\aITEM -346899449 -1758931524:Tablet of Draconic Prophecy\/a
\aITEM -488434333 -1526602797:Agent's Longbow of Veeshan's Valor\/a
\aITEM -469558651 1945798361:Mercenary's Choker of Veeshan's Will\/a
\aITEM -688312713 -269573856:Scaled Sling of Dracur\/a
\aITEM -872373481 -1855327204:Curate's Spaulders of Veeshan's Will\/a
\aITEM -1490528895 1385222824:Awakened Longbow of the Uprising\/a
\aITEM -1951059217 -799876045:Overknight's Staff of Sundering\/a
\aITEM 1970861716 1663906255:Vicar's Orb of Wound Mending\/a
\aITEM 657601663 -1486462588:Focused Wand of the Lendinak Scholar\/a
\aITEM -670674605 -1165525425:Sever, Sword of the Prime\/a
\aITEM -1204245723 -1277837666:Enscorcelled Draconic Legion Barrier\/a
\aITEM -1740924465 -978256821:Champion's Spaulders of Veeshan's Will\/a
\aITEM -1986698373 446097861:Awakened Sorcerer's Staff of Disconnect\/a
\aITEM 420042774 895115559:Buckler of Draconic Legions\/a
\aITEM 652235997 -1079306238:Dracurion Great Hammer of Deliverance\/a
\aITEM 55630780 -786411483:Awakened Spear of Division\/a
\aITEM 244567243 975991663:Primal Dragonscale Covered Shield\/a
\aITEM 184588050 -1870115646:Dragon-Flamed Satchel of the Scaleborn\/a

Edit: You can get the "Curate's Spaulders of Veeshan's Will" by completing the Skyshrine Solo-Instance of Tigloth the Conqueror. It's a very, very, very rare drop out of the Ornate Chest of Endless Goodies.

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