The Skyshrine Infiltrator is one of the two Avatars you can control in Proving Grounds: The Underdepths.

The Skyshrine Infiltrator is a brigand, and seems to deal more damage (and thus grant a faster completion time) than the Guardian.

Abilities Edit

The Infiltrator begins play with three attacks (Thunderstruck, Poisoned Jolt, and Blunderbus) two temporary self buffs (Sly Retribution and Adrenaline Boost), and a self heal (Villainous Siphon).

Defeating the first boss, Veritor Buldama, awards your third temporary buff ability: Veritor's Deadly Round-up.

Defeating the second boss, Gikrakiis, grants the ability Shed Skin, a self cure.

Defeating the third boss, Aherin the Mighty, grants the ability Aherin's Mighty Slam, a strong attack.

Defeating Spikran Vergun grants you Strength of Skyshrine, a buff which boosts your abilities, and also allows you to cast while moving.

Defeating Kero'Var grants you Kick Up Dust, an Area-Of-Effect attack ability that also increases damage done to the target.

Finally, defeating Galstav, Scorcerer of Night grants you Grounded, a temporary buff that protects you from static storms, which is useful against the final boss, Kildrukaun the Ancient.

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