The Skyshrine Guardian is one of the two Avatars you can control in Proving Grounds: The Underdepths.

The Skyshrine Guardian is a berserker, and seems to deal less damage (and thus grant a slower completion time) than the Skyshrine Infiltrator.

Abilities Edit

The Guardian begins play with three attacks (Righteous Bolts, Vengeance, and Shield Rush) two temporary self buffs (Reflective Devotion and Adrenaline Boost), and a self heal.

Defeating the first boss, Veritor Buldama, awards your third temporary buff ability: Veritor's Deadly Round-up.

Defeating the second boss, Gikrakiis, grants the ability Shed Skin, a self cure.

Defeating the third boss, Aherin the Mighty, grants the ability Aherin's Mighty Slam, a strong attack.

Defeating Spikran Vergun grants you Strength of Skyshrine, a buff which boosts your abilities, and also allows you to cast while moving.

Defeating Kero'Var grants you Kick Up Dust, an Area-Of-Effect attack ability that also increases damage done to the target.

Finally, defeating Galstav, Scorcerer of Night grants you Grounded, a temporary buff that protects you from static storms, which is useful against the final boss, Kildrukaun the Ancient.

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