Sinking Sands Timeline
Recommended Levels 45 to 52
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Sinking Sands
Preceded by: Steamfont Timeline
Everfrost Timeline
Followed by: Maj'Dul Timeline
Peacock Club Timeline
Pillars of Flame Timeline
Sinking Sands Timeline [edit]
Solo Series
Kallon Ebbtide
1.1. Kallon's Vengeance
2.1. Cooking Crocodiles
2.2. Diggers for Dinner
2.3. A Terrible Crime
2.4. Scarabs and Spiders
Aliyyah the Embalmer
3.1. Unraveling the Mummies
3.2. Grisly Gathering
3.3. More Mummies?
3.4. Osseous Investigations
3.5. Undead Investigations
3.6. Sul'Dal Studies
Xilla Beetlebinder
4.1. Beetle Herding - Act I
4.2. Beetle Herding - Act II
4.3. Beetle Herding - Act III
4.4. Beetle Herding - Act IV
4.5. Beetle Herding - Act V
4.6. Beetle Herding - Act VI
4.7. Beetle Herding - Act VII
4.8. Beetle Herding - Final Act
Repeatable Quests
5.1. Mender Mending
5.2. Noxious Roundup
5.3. Sand Thing Special
El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets
6.1. Threads of the Desert
6.2. Scouring the Sands
6.3. Rocky Correspondence
6.4. The Spirit of Ab'zheri
Fahad Nuhayd
7.1. Stopping the Flow
Ghassan the Trader Timeline

These quest lines start in The Sinking Sands. You'll find more quests at the same level range nearby in Maj'Dul; see the Maj'Dul Timeline.

(recommended levels in brackets)

Solo Series


The Sinking Sands

Kallon Ebbtide - on dock

  1. Kallon's Vengeance (44)

from An ornamental metal lamp at ( -2080,0,-160 ) on the beach of Pirate's Perch
(right-click and "rub")

  1. The Gauntlet of al-Azhar (45)

Chef Numair series

Numair - at north croc hunter camp

  1. Cooking Crocodiles (44)
  2. Diggers for Dinner (47)
  3. A Terrible Crime (46)
  4. Scarabs and Spiders (47)

Undead series

Aliyyah the Embalmer - at south croc hunter camp

  1. Unravelling the Mummies (47)
  2. Grisly Gathering (49)
  3. More Mummies? (49)
  4. Osseous Investigations (49)
  5. Undead Investigations (50)
  6. Sul'Dal Studies (52)

Beetle Herding series

Xilla Beetlebinder

Xilla Beetlebinder

Xilla Beetlebinder - at top of beach path

  1. Beetle Herding - Act I (45)
  2. Beetle Herding - Act II
  3. Beetle Herding - Act III
  4. Beetle Herding - Act IV
  5. Beetle Herding - Act V
  6. Beetle Herding - Act VI
  7. Beetle Herding - Act VII
  8. Beetle Herding - The Final Act

Part of the Ghassan the Trader Timeline

Ghassan the Trader - at dock

Rashad - start of orc highway

continues with Sergeant Tuskin in the Ortallian camp in Pillars of Flame

Faction Quests

These are repeatable quests that reward faction in Maj'Dul. You can do all three sets if you just want experience. However, if Maj'Dul faction is your goal, then choose one of the three NPCs, and only do its quests.

Note: If your faction gets high enough with one of the courts, you will stop receiving these quests for that court. You will have to go into Maj'Dul to get further quests for that court. The NPC, below, will tell you who to go talk to next.

Game Update 45 removes the cooldown timer on these faction quests, so you can request new ones immediately after you complete each one.

Taj As'ad

sends you to [information needed] and the Court of Truth Timeline

Mahir Lu'ay

sends you to Zahr Shabao and the Court of the Blades Timeline

Thara Bashirah

sends you to [information needed] and the Court of the Coin Timeline

Carpet Quest (Heroic)

The following quest series is heroic, but is included here for completeness. This is the quest series to earn the Carpet of El'khazi.

El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets - northwest of the docks in the Sinking Sands (-1320, -226, -589)

  1. Threads of the Desert (50)
  2. Scouring the Sands (52)
  3. Rocky Correspondence (55)
  4. The Spirit of Ab'Zheri (57)
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