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EverQuest II Player Housing Information
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
City Kelethin
Zone Kelethin
Location ( 434, 94, 320 ) /waypoint 434, 94, 320 Eq2map
Cost Free
Upkeep 5s
Rooms 1
Vault Slots 6

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  • This is the smallest house in Kelethin. You can "buy" one for free the if you start a character and choose Kelethin as your starter city by taking the quest First Time Buyer (Kelethin)
  • Afterwards, upkeep is only 5 silver weekly, though back rent is never due in EQ2.
  • Owning this home will grant you 6 slots on the Broker to sell items to other players.
  • For more information about the usefulness of owning a home, see the page on Housing.
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