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Collection Quest Information
Collection Name Shrouds of the Faith
Category: Chains of Eternity
Level 95 (Tier 10)
Zone (Patch) Obol Plains (Chains of Eternity)
Reward types: Legendary Items

This quest is part of the Collection Quests Timeline

Yellow shiny

A shiny!

Starting the Collection

Most Collection Quests begin by examining any of the members of that collection, which are harvested from special, random ground spawning nodes using the Collecting harvesting skill. Members of this collection can be found as follows:

  • Yellow shiny sparkles named ?.

Collection Members

  • Shroud of Anashti Sul
  • Shroud of Bertoxxulous
  • Shroud of Brell Serilis
  • Shroud of Bristlebane
  • Shroud of Cazic Thule
  • Shroud of Erollisi Marr
  • Shroud of Innoruuk
  • Shroud of Karana
  • Shroud of Mithaniel Marr
  • Shroud of Prexus
  • Shroud of Quellious
  • Shroud of Rallos Zek
  • Shroud of Rodcet Nife
  • Shroud of Solusek Ro
  • Shroud of The Tribunal
  • Shroud of Tunare
  • Shroud of Veeshan


Special Notes

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