Shimmering Citadel Timeline
Recommended Levels 50 to 60
Introduced: Desert of Flames
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Shimmering Citadel
Preceded by: Permafrost Timeline

Solusek's Eye Timeline

Followed by: Sanctum of the Scaleborn Timeline

Fallen Dynasty Timeline

Access Quests Edit

These access quests are no longer required to enter the zone. But finishing them yields a mirror that gives easier access from Desert of Flames zones.

  1. The Name of My Forefathers (52) - from Zeke Two Tone in Maj'Dul
  2. Lady Naga (52, Heroic)

Quests in Shimmering CitadelEdit

Kedar the CuratorEdit

Note that Visit the Scriptorium and The Master's Museum are not dependent on one another.

  1. Visit the Scriptorium (50, Heroic)
  2. The Master's Museum (55, Heroic)
  3. The Handcrafted Music Box (58, Heroic)

Scriptorium Assistant AmroEdit

  1. Assistant to the Scriptorium's Assistant (55, Heroic)

The CaretakerEdit

  1. The Caretaker (55)
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For (57, Heroic)

The MuseEdit

  1. Musing on Beauty (55)
  2. Musing on Love (55)
  3. Musing on Prosperity (55, Heroic)
  4. Musing on Strength (55, Heroic)
  5. Musing on Truth (55)

The Mute BardEdit

  1. Quiet But Effective (56, Heroic)

Scriptorium Keeper SamirEdit

  1. Cleaning the Scriptorium (55, Heroic)

Accessing Poet's PalaceEdit

To obtain access, you must complete The Master's Museum, The Caretaker, and Be Careful What You Wish For.

Poet's Palace QuestsEdit

Nhjela the Mad PoetEdit

  1. The Mad Poet (60, Heroic)

Access to upper floorsEdit

  1. Shimmering Citadel : Poets Palace : The First Mirror. (55)
  2. Shimmering Citadel : Poets Palace : The Second Mirror. (55)
  3. Shimmering Citadel : Poets Palace : The Third Mirror. (55)

Accessing The Poets Palace: Return & The Pedestal of SkyEdit

The following quests must be completed in order to access these two raids.

  1. In the Djinn Master's Service (57, Heroic)
  2. Capturing Day and Night (60, Epic)
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