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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU106
Level Range 110
Zone in from Plane of Magic
Entrance is at

On Valor's Roost near the transporter pad (-762, 347, 1045)

Parent Zone Shard of Hate
Difficulty Group
Persistence 3 hours - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


In the wake of Lanys T'Vyl's demise, the throne of Hate was vacant. Saryrn the Mistress of Torment and Ullkorruuk the Archtraitor battled for supremacy, each attempting to claim the seat of power for themselves - a decision they would both soon regret. Much to their dismay, the rightful god of Hate, Innoruuk, was restored and regained his throne with little effort on his part. The vile god vows that they will pay the price for their insolence and arrogance!

Woe to any traveler who dares to explore the revitalized Shard of Hate, the celestial home to the aforementioned divine father of spite and malevolence. Your presence here is unwelcome, no matter your blood, your alignment, or your past actions. All will meet merciless resistance at the hands, claws, and teeth of the newly reunified minions of Hate! But the unique treasures and great power that await inside beckon the bravest and the boldest Norrathians, as they have in ages past.

Will fate see your name added to the ranks of victorious heroes or those of the defeated insurrectors?


  • There are 24 named mobs in this zone. You can only spawn one from each of 6 groups of monsters per run. There are 6 groups. The first 4 groups have one of 5 named you can spawn. The last group has one of 3, or you can get an additional Epic x2 at the end as well.
  • You will get one of each of the first 3 groups in various parts of the zone, then one from group 4 at the Basilica of Hate, and a final named inside The Heart of Hate.
  • Dispelling every monster in the zone is really a good idea.
  • step on the teleporters to see what torches need to be lit to activate them


Group 1[]

  • Fuel of Hatred appears on the stairs in Repugnance's Rectory175, 10, 150 ) Copy
    • To spawn, stun bubbles of hatred. Once the bubble is stunned, the cursor over it will turn into a hand. Gather a glob of hatred from the bubble. The person who collected the glob needs to click on the door ( 175, 10, 150 ) Copy. Repeat 5 times.
  • Hateful Plate in Repugnance's Rectory at ( 181, 7, 112 ) Copy.
    • To spawn, find the discarded armor pieces scattered throughout the entrance of the zone. Helm ( 157, 10, 92 ) Copy(by base of tree near manniquin area), Shoulders ( 11, 3, 196 ) Copy, Legs ( -112, 10, 188 ) Copy, the Chest is under a mound of loose dirt ( -177, 16, 129 ) Copy, Hands ( -180, 25, 205 ) Copy. The hands will be under a dirt pile on one of the three balconies. You will need to activate the teleporters to get up to the balcony. Speak to the skull at the zone entrance before attempting to activate the teleporters. Place the armor pieces on the mannequin at ( 184, 6, 105 ) Copy.
  • Skimp the Imp, spawns at Malice's Narthex, then roams along the path toward Wrath's Anvil.
  • Trapped Bellhop is at ( -203, 16, 150 ) Copy
    • Spawned by gathering the armor pieces from the Hateful Plate, then placing them in a chest unlike the rest at ( -203, 16, 150 ) Copy.
  • Vilegore
    • To spawn, find a cooled branding iron on a weapon rack [Where is this weapon rack?] and heat it using the fire pit at ( -105, 10, 237 ) Copy, then right-click a hate mongrel, which causes it to change into Vilegore.

Group 2[]

Group 3[]

  • Chief Librarian Py'Tyz on the Mezzanine of House K'Lorn, a balcony above the transporter in the Amphitheater of Rancor.
  • Gluglug spawns from the fountain in the Amphitheater of Rancor-11, 12, -9 ) Copy
    • Spawned by placing three fishbowls in the fountain, found around the zone. Possible locations include [Need POI name]-107, 31, -180 ) Copy, [Need POI name]-262, 19, -1 ) Copy, Basilica of Hate75, 30, -200 ) Copy, and Rectory of Confession (click knife at ( 175, 33, -76 ) Copy).
  • Helestia spawns at a grave to one side of the Amphitheater of Rancor40, 8, -62 ) Copy
    • To spawn, click on the grave to release a fettered wraith. Dispel and then kill them, then pick up the chain they drop on the ground and place the chains on the grave. Repeat until she spawns. 4 chains required
  • Horb is a carrion golem found walking between the Amphitheater of Rancor and The Abbey around ( -143, 15, 13 ) Copy.
    • To spawn, kill Morg and loot a core of spite from its body, then use it by clicking on the roaming golem.
  • The Organ Donor spawns beside the organ in the Amphitheater of Rancor. ( -15, 12, -72 ) Copy
    • To spawn, pick up the Harmonic Conch from inside the fountain ( -12, 14, -15 ) Copy, then use the Conch to get the ability to see music notes for 30 seconds. You'll need to find and click four different colored music notes, noting the colors and the order in which you clicked them. Next, go to the organ and click four colored keys in the same order as the musical notes you found.

Group 4[]

  • Igidishi roams along the dirt below the stairs that lead to the Basilica of Hate-13, 21, -118 ) Copy.
    • To spawn, locate and click skulls with horns (tracking works); either they will dissolve or become attackable. Find and kill the skulls until Igidishi spawns. You need a fighter(to see the named when he transforms into an animal) and a scout(to see the totem that matches the named's animal transformation) in your group to kill this name!!!
  • Morghorb is west of the stairs at the Basilica of Hate38, 31, -207 ) Copy
    • After killing Horb, loot a hatebound heart from its body, then click the golem at ( 35, 30, -200 ) Copy to spawn.
  • Scorn Baron V'Ayne and Scorn Baroness Ny'Nev
    • Click the Icons of Scorn on the wall around the zone until there are no more clicks. Go to ( 212, 33, -61 ) Copy to find white/red orbs or "lanterns". These must all be red to open the door. This part is a puzzle, and you must find a way to align them all.
  • The Head of Hate is at the top of the stairs at the Basilica of Hate-12, 36, -198 ) Copy
  • Ze'Vlu'Vex appears on the steps of the Basilica of Hate at ( -14, 31, -171 ) Copy.
    • Spawned by slaying the loathsome liches on either side of the Basilica of Hate around ( -82, 31, -251 ) Copy and ( 55, 31, -258 ) Copy; once the liches are dead, turn on Ultravision (a buff from coercers or necromancers, or use Gnomish Shades) then find and click on the unlit torches on the sides of the building.

Group 5[]

Group 6[]

Final Reward[]

The final reward for completing this zone is:

Trophy with minor click effect

Hate buff.png


Soe logo white.jpg EQ2i credits this Community News article| for the overview information in this article.

Soe logo white.jpg EQ2i credits posts in this thread written by Gninja, Chrol, and Bawkan at the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.