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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Fourteen days after you finish the preceeding quest, you will receive the quest starter via The Norrathian Express. Examine the damaged relic.
part of: Sentinel's Fate Crafting Timeline
Preceded by:
Researching Quel'ule: Stabilizing the Fields
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  1. EQ2 armoring tongs
    After inspecting the relic, speak to Dror Ironstein ( -232, 214, -191 ) /waypoint -232, 214, -191 in West Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains.
  2. Examine the damaged relic again.
  3. Go to The Village of Shin on the Isle of Mara and pick up Emergency Portal Repairs quest from Madria Varas ( -87, 3, 105 ) /waypoint -87, 3, 105.
    • This is a daily group tradeskill quest and will be available one day in four.
  4. Speak with Urdu the balloon conductor at The Overlook in Moors of Ykesha.
  5. Fly to the Palace of the Ancient One (tradeskill).
  6. Speak to an injured raider and Tomkin Cogsbottom and ask a question.
    • Do not accept the quest he offers or it will disrupt the quest line you are working. If this happens delete the quest he just gave you and talk to him again.
  7. Speak to Natasha, the mystic on Kerra Isle in The Sundered Frontier ( 1191, 42, 2244 ) /waypoint 1191, 42, 2244. After a brief conversation you can choose the option to go into a trance and get teleported into A Spiritual Pocket.
  8. Speak to Kaltuk Ironstein. You will be teleported back to Kerra Isle at the end of the conversation.
  9. Speak to Researcher Tahar in Quel'ule in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
  10. Enter Miragul's Planar Shard (tradeskill) in Everfrost ( -164, 10, -372 ) /waypoint -164.19, 9.65, -372.02(the entrance is the same as the shard quests instances, and the tradeskill zone will be shown on the zone list) and speak to a vigilant sentry.
  11. You have 3 minutes to find Miragul's Notes. They are clicky books on the table at ( -106, 0, 25 ) /waypoint -106, 0, 25
    • The book is buried under a pile of other books and can be hard to locate. The timer display disappears, but the timer does NOT stop. Be sure to leave before the mobs reaggro.
  12. Leave the zone and scribe Miragul's collected notes on crafting and craft the Armoring Tongs. This requires a rare kaborite cluster, which will be returned to you when you complete the quest (see rewards) and 2 Quicksilver clusters, 2 Ambers and 1 Ethereal coal. There is no forge in Quel'ule so remember to craft the Armoring Tongs before returning to the Researcher, or simply bring along a portable forge.
  13. Return to Researcher Tahar in Quel'ule in The Stonebrunt Highlands.


One of the following, depending on Artisan class.

This table can be sorted by column,
either by the item's name or the applicable class.
Item Class
Twiddy's Sculpting Hammer Carpenter
Kruzz's Cooking Skillet Provisioner
Eylee's Woodworking Saw Woodworker
Nurgg's Weapon Refinement Weaponsmith
Kaltuk's Armoring Tongs Armorer
Bayle's Tailoring Needle Tailor
Illisia's Alchemy Flask Alchemist
Asharae's Artificing Tongs Jeweler
Roadyle's Scribing Scroll Sage
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