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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obol Plains  (AA)
Journal Level 96 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Obol Plains more
How to Start Speak to Drinal's Steward or a Drinalian Whisper Column
part of: Obol Plains Timeline
Preceded by:
Shades of Drinal: Dreadcutter at World's End
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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Ask Drinal's Steward to send you to the god's maw.
  2. Click the maw to break the relic. You'll receive a Silver Scroll of Entrance.
  3. Go to Harrow's End ( 442, 31, 524 ) Copy
  4. Enter Harrow's End: The Deathtoll Tower
  5. Make your way to Oligar of the Dead across the entrance (sneak works to get to him).
  6. Hire him as your temporary mercenary (you'll need him for the script upstairs. He is no-zone)
  7. Use the portal that appears right where you picked up the mercenary (might have to step off and back on) to reach Drinal (100 epic x2).
  8. Let the mercenary beat Drinal down to 90% before using the Soul Skiver given to you on him.
    • There are 2 ways to fight him (long and short way)
      1. long way
        • When we ran the quest, Drinal was hitting for massive damages if we took the aggro and the gehein mercenary was running a complex script to weaken him. Beware of not ripping aggro. (Don't even touch him till 90% the merc takes no damage in the fight however you will each time Drinal cast a special spell).
        • Your regular mercenary will be suspended and put into a drop down in the mercenary window so you can resummon him after finishing the instance.
        • If you have any of the healing stones from running the previous dungeons they may come in handy during this fight.
        • He drains over 3% of your power every time he cast Tendrels of Fear
      2. short way
        • If you have a pet make sure you have them stand back, and then send in Oligar and let him debuff for like 10 seconds. Then on Drinal use one of the red charms (these will take 30% of his HP) that drop frequently in CoE advanced solo zones. As soon as the charm hits use the Soul Skiver.
        • Note: If you don't have one of those red charms you can sit back and let Oligar beat down Drinal to about 90%. Drinal will go to one knee and Oligar will come running back to you as he says that now is the time to use the Soul Skiver.
  9. After using the Soul Skiver, the fight will end and Drinal will turn non-attackable and will start talking. Then use the portal that appears next to Drinal to zone out.
  10. Return to Drinal's Steward to complete the quest.


Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Note: The solo zone Harrow's End: The Deathtoll Tower is only available during the timeline. After getting back to Drinal's Steward, the NPC will turn into a vendor with stuff to sell in exchange of dungeon coins.

Credits[edit | edit source]


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