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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill
Journal Level 60 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Seek out a Tradeskill Grandmaster in your city's guild tradeskill faction headquarters.
part of: Craftsman Timeline
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Advanced Journeyman Tasks
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Starting the QuestEdit

Quest starters are Trades Coordinators:


  1. Travel to Tenebrous Tangle.
  2. Find the harvesting bag through the arch in Tenebrous Tangle ( 11, 29, 197 ) /waypoint 11, 29, 197.
  3. Find the bottle near the river by Long Drop Falls. It is on the bank, about half-way between two reeds. You will have to enter first-person mode to see it. ( 55, 19, 176 ) /waypoint 55, 19.3, 176.4.
  4. Jump down the waterfall and talk to one of the harvesters at the following locations:
    • ( 103, -215, 194 ) /waypoint 103, -215, 194
    • ( 115, -215, 184 ) /waypoint 115, -215, 184
    • ( 108, -215, 162 ) /waypoint 108, -215, 162
  5. Talk to a vigilant froglok alchemist in the Hidden Refuge ( 176, -235, 147 ) /waypoint 176, -235, 147.
  6. Obtain the following (see note below):
  7. Talk to a vigilant froglok alchemist in the Hidden Refuge again ( 176, -235, 147 ) /waypoint 176, -235, 147.
    • This step will require you to still have all 20 items you just gathered.
  8. Scribe the Scribbled froglok recipe notes received.
  9. Make the Froglok Healing Drink received from scribing the notes.
    • Use the "Mixing bucket" that is right next to the froglok alchemist.
  10. Give the drink to the four members of the harvesting team (around the bottom of the waterfall.)
  11. Obtain 25 hanging root.
    • The roots simply need to be in your inventory for the final turn in, you do not have to harvest them yourself.
  12. Return to the grandmaster.


Confirmed: simply having the required materials in your inventory will update the quest. If for some reason the quest doesn't update having the materials in your bag, trade them to a friend and close your bags and have the friend trade them back.


  • Tradeskill Experience
  • +1250 Faction with your city's crafting faction
  • artisan's formal ensemble (male) or artisan's formal ensemble (female) depending on your character's gender
  • Your choice of one advanced book level 60-69 for your tradeskill class
    • Note: As a Level 60 Provisioner you are only given the Formal Ensemble - no advanced book for the Provisioner.
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