Miracle Information

See No Evil

See No Evil

Category (Target)Buff (Self)
Favor Cost *1312
Unlock QuestMust have completed the Quest "Prank'd"
 Casting Time  Instant
 Recast time  1 hr
 Duration  30.0 seconds

What does this information mean?
* Favor Cost is the base cost at a Humble Altar


  • Increases Melee Crit Chance of caster by 30%
  • Increases Ranged Crit Chance of caster by 30%
  • Applies Blind Eye.
    • Draws considerable attention away from the caster for a short duration
      • Decreases Threat to targets in Area of Effect by 1.1%
  • Applies a Makeshift Costume. Lasts for 6.0 seconds
    • Shapechanges caster
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