Secondary Tradeskills were introduced with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. Currently, there are only two types of secondary tradeskills: Tinkering & Adorning. As of the release of Sentinel's Fate, artisans may now choose to study both secondary tradeskills at once.


Secondary Tradeskills use a skill-based system similar to tradeskills in the original EverQuest. Advancement comes by increasing skill, and recipe books require a certain minimum skill in order to be scribed. There is NO experience system or experience bar for secondary tradeskills. The maximum skill level is determined by the higher of either the player's artisan or adventuring level multiplied by five. For example: a level 35 Warden who is also a level 73 Provisioner has a maximum skill level of 365 (73 x 5); a level 86 Bruiser who is also a level 52 Woodworker has a maximum skill level of 430 (86 x 5).

By default a person's secondary tradeskill is not declared. A secondary tradeskill can be declared at Artisan Level 10 or Adventure Level 10. A person can become skilled in one or both of the two secondary tradeskills. Because players can choose to excel in both secondary tradeskill arts, their skill levels are now independent.

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