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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Fallen Gate more
How to Start Examine Ilucide's battered journal, a chest drop from any named monster in the zone, or examine a bookcase on the second floor of the large building in Little Neriak at ( 193, 23, -113 ) Copy.
part of: Fallen Gate Timeline
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Breaking the Seal to the Inner Sanctum

What does this information mean? This is the access quest for The Vault of the Fallen. An alternative method of entry is to loot The Seal of Tseralith, a chest drop from Quiora T'Las.


  1. Head to the Academy of Arcane Science in The City of Freeport at ( -25, -8, -100 ) Copy.
  2. Read the book titled, 'Thexian Incantations: circa Neriak's Fall', on a table at ( 12, -5, -130 ) Copy.
    • Pay attention to the section/paragraph numbers. These are the combination to a strongbox at the end of the quest.
  3. Head back to Fallen Gate.
  4. Gather the items mentioned in Thexian Incantations: circa Neriak's Fall:
    • Urn of Ashes - examine the green urn in the first tent of Little Neriak, at ( 189, 18, -69 ) Copy.
    • Scroll of Binding - examine the bookcase on the 2nd floor of the house in Little Neriak, at ( 193, 23, -113 ) Copy.
    • Fallen Dragoon Bangle - examine the strongbox on the top left ledge just inside The Bull's Pit, at ( -31, -18, -204 ) Copy.
      • Input the combination from the Academy book 142635 to receive a no stat quest item called Fallen Dragoon Bangle.
  5. Examine the Fallen Dragoon Bangle to to complete the quest and receive the real version: Fallen Dragoon Bangle.