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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Access  (AA)
Journal Level 56 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Living Tombs more
How to Start Right click and examine Jinja the Swift, a monkey sitting just inside the zone-in from the Sinking Sands, at ( -631, 4, 342 ) Copy.
part of: Ahket Aken Timeline
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  • As of February 2006, entering the Silent City no longer requires completion of this access quest.


  1. Kill the Sul Priestess of the Fyr'Un in the Trade Court. ( -634, 17, 226 ) Copy
    • Climb up the wall at ( -648, 8, 109 ) Copy or ( -621, 8, 109 ) Copy and jump down into the Pool of Immortality at ( -634, 3, 160 ) Copy. Once on this central rooftop, slay all mummies to spawn Flowmaster Utat. Kill Flowmaster Utat to spawn the Sul Priestess of the Fyr'Un.
      • You may have to clear the mummies several times to spawn Flowmaster Utat.
      • You may have to slay Flowmaster Utat several times to spawn the Sul Priestess of the Fyr'Un.
  2. Kill the Ara Priestess of the Fyr'Un in the Residence Court. ( -409, 21, 439 ) Copy
    • You need to complete the sub-quest A Slippery Situation in order to climb 'an oily wall' at ( -345, -9, 467 ) Copy. Right-click the wall to obtain the quest.
    • Climb to the top of the oily wall and kill the four Fyr'Un sentries to spawn the Ara Priestess of the Fyr'Un.
  3. Kill Rin Priestess of the Fyr'Un in the Priestess' Court. ( -109, 13, 108 ) Copy
    • Slay the groups of mummies in front of this location. Each group will drop an urn that is to be placed in the triangular area circled in the picture below. Only place a single urn in the triangular area. The urn will despawn and either Rin Priestess of the Fyr'Un and two offering retrievers will spawn, or just the retrievers. They will often despawn if not attacked immediately. Respawn on the groups that drop the urns is ~5 minutes.
  4. Approach the stone statue along the aqueduct in the Statue Court at ( -153, 25, 365 ) Copy. This will trigger the statue to spin around, allowing you to travel across to the other aqueduct. Enter the Silent City at the end of this aqueduct to complete the quest. ( -7, 30, 480 ) Copy