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An image of a scrying rainbow. When adventuring in Shattered Lands zones, make sure to keep a sharp eye out for these.

A scrying rainbow at a distance. The rainbow is located in the upper left-hand quadrant of the image.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Everquest II, scrying is the act of using a scrying stone on a scrying rainbow. To scry, simply stand over a scrying rainbow and examine a scrying stone in your inventory.

According to official lore, scrying stones "focus energies created deep underground by ancient artifacts." From this we learn that the rainbow lights are some type of energy rising from underground and manifesting as a rainbow spectrum. However, no official lore has been provided to exactly what the stones themselves are or what causes them to react with these ancient-artifact-energies.

Scrying, the stones and all, have been in EQII since very close to the beginning of the game. The official lore article here The Scrying Stones dates back to January of 2005, only a few months after launch.

Although there are stories of scrying stones costing a lot more early in the game, these reports are unsubstantiated rumors. Players were most likely confusing the price of stones with the price of an entire stack of stones. Also, there was a relatively low investment return rate on scrying since in the early days of EQII stacks were small, gold was scarce, and people were very new to the game.

The Stones[edit | edit source]

A scrying stone

To interact with a scrying rainbow, you need scrying stones. These are sold for 10s each by two merchants, whom will only sell to characters of their alignment:

The Rainbow[edit | edit source]

This is what you're looking for.

How a scrying rainbow will look varies somewhat on the graphic settings of your computer: anything from a single edge of light to a pretty-looking multi-ring or line effect. However, regardless of the computer being used, the rainbows can be easily missed since they are faint and can blend rather seamlessly with their background.

Scrying rainbows are only found around POIs in tier 2, 3 and 4 zones. You will not find the rainbows away from a POI under any circumstance, however sometimes the rainbow can appear a good deal away from it's chosen POI. Much like harvesting nodes, rainbows tend to appear around the same areas, but not the same exact location. Also, like harvesting nodes, if left alone for too long the rainbows will despawn and appear in a new area. There can be multiple scrying rainbows up at the same time in the same zone.

Scrying rainbows have an internal timer on them: once you start using one, the clock starts. When the timer is up the rainbow is exhausted and it will fade away quickly. However, in most scenarios, even after the rainbow fades away you can still scry on the same spot. The timer is not private: once a player starts scrying at a rainbow the internal clock of that rainbow starts ticking. This means multiple people can use the same rainbow at the same time and not worry about using up the total amount of scrys. On average, a player can complete 5-7 scrys per rainbow.

The Event[edit | edit source]

An example of a single pulse from a scrying result

Examine a stone while standing near a rainbow to start a scrying event. A scrying event is similar to a slot machine: there are three sets of factors, with each set containing multiple components, being rolled against each other three times. The stone will pulse three times, each time a message about a rune of particular brightness and color will flash across your screen in your notification window.

  • Rune:
    • Tree
    • Sword
    • Coin
  • Brightness:
    • Dim
    • Soft
    • Bright
    • Brilliant
  • Color:
    • White
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green

That is 48 combinations (3 x 4 x 4) per pulse, and a total of 144 different results for a complete scrying event (48 x 3). A sample result would be: Coin Rune Soft White, Sword Rune Soft Red, Coin Rune Brilliant Green.

The Results[edit | edit source]

There are three different possible outcomes from a scrying event:

  • Nothing may happen and you'll have to wait a few seconds for the event to finish before you can try again.
  • The message, You have disturbed something, will appear across your screen. A monster called a disturbed corpse will pop and aggro on you or a group member (even if the monster is gray to you). These monsters are usually between levels 15 and 25 and anywhere from vvv to ^^^ in difficulty.
  • You find an item of some sort. A message, You have found something, will flash across your screen. The following section discusses this outcome.

OMG, Shiny Things! (The Rewards)[edit | edit source]

Shiny thing or rocks? hmm...

Every time you find an item you will have an alternate reward of more scrying stones. The number of stones you receive is determined by the relative worth of the item. In all cases, 1 stone = 10 silver, so an item that has 3 stones as an alternate is worth 30 silver.

Coin Purses[edit | edit source]

Scry coin purse.jpg

The reward from a 'tiny' purse

Coin purses comes in various sizes and contain ancient silver coins or ancient gold coins. The larger the coin purse, the more coins you get. Keep in mind the following values:

Artifacts and Equipment[edit | edit source]

an example of artifact

See Scried Items for a list of known scried artifacts.
See Scried Equipment for a list of known scried equipment.

You may find an artifact or a piece of equipment instead of coins. Both artifacts and equipment can be sold back to merchants for all or a portion of their actual value. But beware of which merchants you use! Some will pay more than others, depending on what you sell.

All artifacts share a common examine text that reads "This item will probably be more valuable to a collector of artifacts than it is to me!" Sell these back to the scrying merchants discussed in a above section to receive full price. If you sell artifacts to any other merchants you will only get 80% of their actual worth.

Equipment pieces are pieces of equipment, such as armor or weapons, that can be equipped, but their stats aren't quite up to the standard of the tier in which they're found. These equipment pieces usually have some form of the word ancient in their title, with modifiers like damaged, intact, or preserved. Equipment uses the same value system as the artifacts and books, but you can sell them at standard merchants, not just the scrying merchants, for 100% of their value.

Training Tomes[edit | edit source]

See: Training Tomes

Training tomes are quest starters and for this reason are of the highest value to completionists. Examining a training tome prompts a quest to kill X of a type of mob in Y minutes in a random outdoor zone. The reward for training tome quests is minimal xp, but they add another unique quest to your journal. You can also sell these back to merchants much like artifacts.

Confirmed locations for rainbows[edit | edit source]

Antonica[edit | edit source]

  • Coldwind Point near the lighthouse, up from the docks ( 333, -16, 746 ) Copy)
    • Sometimes one also appears right next to the bridge ( 349, -18, 734 ) Copy
  • Claymore Monument-417, -3, 594 ) Copy
  • Above Windstalker Village, close to Holly Windstalker's grave ( -1854, -7, -648 ) Copy
  • On the plateau near Fangbreaker Keep-2071, 13, -457 ) Copy
  • At ( -1502, 0, 848 ) Copy
  • On the Coldwind Coastline, at ( -702, -38, 835 ) Copy
  • At ( 346, -17, 767 ) Copy
  • At ( 329, -17, 746 ) Copy
  • At ( -1478, -1, 841 ) Copyat Blackburrow entrance.
  • Around Crater Pond: ( 198, -19, 395 ) Copy

The Thundering Steppes[edit | edit source]

  • Near The Village of Thundermist587, 2, -177 ) Copy
  • In the Village of Thundermist ( 568, -1, -96 ) Copy
  • Within the Village of Thundermist, practically on Brianna's doorstep ( 585, 2, -114 ) Copy
  • In the gnoll pit near Qeynos Tower 1: ( 117, -27, -668 ) Copy
  • Near Qeynos Tower 3: ( -175, 14, 110 ) Copy
  • In The Grave Pool: ( 45, -24, 832 ) Copy or ( 128, -22, 755 ) Copy
  • Near Coldwind Shores Cemetery: ( 1375, -1, -82 ) Copy

Nektulos Forest[edit | edit source]

  • At Behemoth Pond, between aggressive murkblooms ( -230, 3, -244 ) Copy
  • Directly south of the Funeral Pyre: ( -972, 12, -717 ) Copy
  • On the eastern shore of Bone Lake: ( -966, 142, -1964 ) Copy
  • At ( 508, 27, -1499 ) Copy
  • At ( -160, 3, -197 ) Copy

Enchanted Lands[edit | edit source]

Rivervale[edit | edit source]

  • Around The Fools Gold: ( -55, -18, -21 ) Copy
  • Shakey's Farm: ( -324, -2, -261 ) Copy
  • The Drafling Tower: ( -497, 15, 32 ) Copy-503, 4, -10 ) Copy

Zek, the Orcish Wastes[edit | edit source]

Scrying-Specific Quests[edit | edit source]

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