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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Neriak, City of Hate (LU35)
Location Top floor of the Library of K'Lorn, at ( -711, 41, 233 ) /waypoint -711, 41, 233

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There appears to be some dispute among the elite of Neriak as to how best to study this unusual find.

Viclin D'Rhivirr of The Spurned says, "The magical properties of this scroll demand our involvement."

Chalolin D'Zeiryn of The Dead says, "I have no doubt we can handle the examination of the scroll. The Queen demands it's immediate removal to the palace."

Malual K'Oziarn of the Disciples of Innoruuk says, "This scroll is a holy relic. If it is to be moved it should go to the church, not the Queen. The Prophet of Hate demands it."

Chalolin D'Zeiryn says, "The Prophet has no choice in this matter. The Queen has spoken, her word is law."

Viclin D'Rhivirr says, "We will not allow the removal of the scroll. It belongs here."

Malual K'Oziarn says, "The Queen is no god. Innoruuk is, and the scroll is His."

Chalolin D'Zeiryn says, "We will see about that."

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