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UPDATE with Chaos Descending: You may now purchase epic 2.0 spells from Alhuurn Khalen in Myrist, the Great Library. (Only available if you have betrayed and need to get your new class spells)

  • Characters must be at least a level 110 adventure or tradeskill class to enter Myrist, the Great Library.
  • If you don't yet have them, this quest line rewards you with class specific epic 2.0 spells and unlocks them at the merchant Alhuurn Khalen for your other chars on your account.
  • You need to read one or two letters automatically placed in your Mailbox, accept the gifts, and follow the instructions to gain entrance to the Library. There is a letter for 110 adventurers and another letter for 110 crafters.


    • The item Guise of Pursuit can help when meeting faction requirements if this it not your first epic 2.0.

Fabled Version[]

  1. Finding Dolas
  2. The Map is a Key. The Key is a Map?
  3. Find Your Way Home
  4. Nonsense Is Better Than No Sense At All
  5. A Weapon to Slay the Gods Themselves
  6. Witness to the Past

Mythical Version[]

  1. Chaos Effect


  1. Quest rewards with: Golden Necklace of Rime
  2. Quest rewards with
  3. Quest rewards with: Dola's Mother's Locket
  4. Quest rewards with: Bristlebane's Envy
  5. Quest rewards with:

This timeline details the quests for the class's Epic Weapons 2.0.

You must be at least Level 100 and have one Ascension class at level 5 in order to start this quest line.