Requirements Edit

    • The item Guise of Pursuit can help when meeting faction requirements if this it not your first epic 2.0.

Fabled VersionEdit

  1. Finding Dolas
  2. The Map is a Key. The Key is a Map?
  3. Find Your Way Home
  4. Nonsense Is Better Than No Sense At All
  5. A Weapon to Slay the Gods Themselves
  6. Witness to the Past

Mythical VersionEdit

  1. Chaos Effect


  1. Quest rewards with: Golden Necklace of Rime
  2. Quest rewards with
  3. Quest rewards with: Dola's Mother's Locket
  4. Quest rewards with: Bristlebane's Envy
  5. Quest rewards with:

This timeline details the quests for the class's Epic Weapons 2.0.

You must be at least Level 100 and have one Ascension class at level 5 in order to start this quest line.