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Scorpikis Parts

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#REDIRECT [[Skorpikis Parts]]
iname = |
idesc = |
category = Emperor's Athenaeum|
title = Scorpikis Parts|
level = 80|
czones = | <!-- If the collection can be found multiples zones, use {{czone|zonename}}, ... -->
czone = Emperor's Athenaeum| <!-- If the collection can be found in one zone only, czones overwrites this ! -->
patch = LU52|
rewardtype= Collection| <!-- Fabled, Legendary, Treasured, House, Coin, Illusion, Collection, None -->
type = Normal| <!-- Normal, (P)ages, (C)orpse , (H)idden, (H)idden (T)radeskill, or (H)idden (P)urple. Default (empty) is Normal (Yellow). See the Template Documentation for advanced options and for using multiple types. -->
members =
*'''''A Scorpikis Claw'''''
*'''''A Scorpikis Head'''''
*'''''A Scorpikis Leg '''''
*'''''A Scorpikis Eye'''''
*'''''A Scorpikis Tail'''''
*'''''A Scorpikis Carapace'''''
rewards =
*[[Large Middle Section]]
altname = | <!-- use only if PAGENAME would not be searchable on other resources -->
The reward of this collection is needed for [[Abyssal Carpet Fragments]]
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