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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Erudite
Zone The Stonebrunt Highlands (Sentinel's Fate)
Location In Quel'ule ( -136, 366, 616 ) /waypoint -136, 366, 616 Eq2map


Quel'ule Faction Merchant

Items for salePricePositive Faction
Advanced Alchemist Volumes 80 to 8915g 55s 20c10,000
Advanced Jeweler Volumes 80 to 8915g 55s 20c10,000
Advanced Sage Volumes 80 to 8915g 55s 20c10,000
Candle, coal and incense fuels
Alchemy Secrets of Quel'ule15g 55s 20c40,000
elaborate marble table1g 39s 97c30,000
erudite bench1g 39s 97c30,000
erudite bookcase1g 39s 97c30,000
erudite elegant chair1g 39s 97c30,000
erudite ornate chair1g 39s 97c30,000
green glass bottle1g 39s 97c30,000
group of rolled rugs1g 39s 97c30,000
Jeweler Secrets of Quel'ule15g 55s 20c40,000
laboratory research flask1g 39s 97c30,000
laboratory research stool1g 39s 97c30,000
laboratory research table1g 39s 97c30,000
marble table1g 39s 97c30,000
orange glass bottle1g 39s 97c30,000
ornate raised platform1g 39s 97c30,000
red glass bottle1g 39s 97c30,000
Sage Secrets of Quel'ule15g 55s 20c40,000