Sassirah fallenleaf

Sassirah Fallenleaf

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Tailor
Race Fae
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location ( 298, 126, 254 ) /waypoint 298, 126, 254


Basic Coal6c
Basic Filament6c
Effulgent Coal1g 80s
Effulgent Filament1g 80s
Ethereal Coal1g 56s
Ethereal Filament1g 56s
Glimmering Coal3s 84c
Glimmering Filament3s 84c
Glowing Coal24c
Glowing Filament24c
Lambent Filament23s 4c
Lambent Incense23s 4c
Luminous Filament15s 36c
Luminous Incense15s 36c
Scintillating Coal36s 56c
Scintillating Filament36s 56c
Smoldering Coal1g
Smoldering Filament1g
Sparkling Coal96c
Sparkling Filament96c
Thaumic Coal3g
Thaumic Filament3g
Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume 34s 80c
Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume 476s 80c
Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume 53g 7s 20c
Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume 64g 60s 80c
Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume 76g 91s 20c

Level 1 - [information needed]Edit

laborer's bloomers1s 56c
laborer's cap1s 44c
laborer's cape1s 44c
laborer's gloves1s 32c
laborer's shoes1s 20c
laborer's sleeves1s 20c
laborer's vest1s 80c
rawhide boots1s 56c
rawhide gloves1s 72c
rawhide leather rucksack54c
rawhide pants2s 3c
rawhide shoulder pads1s 87c
rawhide skullcap1s 87c
rawhide tunic2s 34c
rawhide wristguards1s 56c
threadbare blouse12s 34c
threadbare cap1s 87c
threadbare cuffs1s 56c
threadbare mitts1s 72c
threadbare pantaloons2s 3c
threadbare slippers1s 56c
woven rawhide cap2s 44c
woven rawhide leggings2s 64c
woven rawhide sandals2s 3c
woven rawhide shawl2s 44c
woven rawhide sleeves2s 3c
woven rawhide vest3s 4c
woven rawhide wraps2s 23c

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