Sarya Val'Sara

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race High Elf
Zone Obulus Frontier (Kunark Ascending)
Location Nye'Caelona ( -231, 91, -241 ) /waypoint -231, 91, -241


This NPC sells ..

  • a bauble that allows players to bypass the many of pre-requistes for the Signature (Adventure) Kunark Ascending Timeline.
  • upgrades for mounts from the Collectors Edtion and the Premium Edition
  • upgrades for the weapon you got from the triumph Quest Ascension in Kunark

Pre-Requisite BaubleEdit

Once you completed the Kunark Ascending Timeline for adventurers, it's possible to purchase The Essential Kunark Guide from Sarya Val'Sara for 100p.

This Bauble gives alts:

  • Grants access to train with all Ascension Masters
  • Grants the ability to utilize Dalnir's work chest key - which means you don't need to do Greenmist HQ Timeline!
Grants understating of the following languages:
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