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Removed with the release of Rise of Kunark

Sarnak Rumors Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 70 (Scales)
Introduced: LU37
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: starting zone needed!
Sarnak Rumors Timeline [edit]
Chapter I (LU37)
Kelethin 1. Qeynosian Troubles
Neriak 1. Investigate the Goings on in Freeport
Qeynos 1. Qeynos Harbor Rumor Mill
2. The Mariner's Lament
Chapter II (LU38)
Qeynos 1. Joining the Crew of the QSS Valiance
Freeport 1. Joining the Crew of the Bane of Prexus
Chapter III (LU39)
Qeynos 1. Mysterious Pilgrims
1a. Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts
Freeport 1. Unwanted Guests

This is not so much a Timeline as a place to gather together all the quests, pseudo-quests and lore tidbits washing ashore along with the cream of the Qeynosian and Freeportian navies.

It should be obvious to one and all that these events are leading to the release of Rise of Kunark in November.

Chapter IEdit

Introduced with LU37


Qeynos HarborEdit

  1. Qeynos Harbor Rumor Mill (Scales)
  2. The Mariner's Lament (Scales, Forum Lore)

Neriak, City of HateEdit


Chapter IIEdit

Introduced with LU38

Qeynos HarborEdit


Chapter IIIEdit

Introduced with LU39

Qeynos HarborEdit

East FreeportEdit

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