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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Blood of Luclin
Level Range 115-120
Zone in from Sanctus Seru (City)
Entrance is at

-280, 181, 0 ) Copy

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Zone from Sanctus Seru [City] using the portal at ( -280, 181, 0 ) Copy


  1. Pull all the a Luminary cleric near ( -116, 176, 162 ) Copy
  2. Clear other Luminaries and all nearby arbiters from around the area.
  3. Defeat Divine Prophet Buffo II at ( -105, 178, 146 ) Copy
    • To avoid citizen adds, you can pull him into the doorway nooks to the left or right of the steps where he stands.
    • Cure all deterimentals. Mostly arcane but a few traumas.
    • Kill all adds he summons as fast as possible, they heal him VERY quickly. Unkilled arbiters are summoned. The wider zone around him you clear, the longer it will take for adds to arrive.
  4. Defeat Grand Cruciator Typhenon wandering between ( -4, 180, -222 ) Copy and ( -52, 180, -214 ) Copy and loot the Horn of the Fallen from his body.
    • Cure all detriments. Mostly trauma.
    • Periodically he summons a wall of shields. Target and kill the shields. Typhenon is untargetable until it is down.
    • Periodically he summons adds. All damage done to them is done to the adds instead. He cannot take damage while they are up. Kill them when they spawn.
  5. Use the Horn of the Fallen near ( -145, 180, -205 ) Copy
  6. Hail Unhilynd and defeat her.
    • Departure of the Fallen: frontal knockback, can move to side to avoid.
    • Periodically summons adds.
  7. Click the door at ( -194, 183, 0 ) Copy. Turn around
  8. Defeat Prysmerah, Arx Patrona at ( -265, 181, 0 ) Copy
    • Emotes "Prysmerah, Arx Patrona gathers fire and poison!" and begins casting Arx Fire. Joust to the side to avoid the knockback and breath weapon.
    • A glowing scale may be placed in your bag during the fight. You have to give it to an other group member by double-clicking it. If you do not do that, you will die.
  9. Use the door at ( -194, 183, 0 ) Copy to enter Arx Seru.
  10. Kill the mobs in the entry way to open the door at ( -80, 78, 4 ) Copy
  11. Kill all an Arx Luminary to activate several a choranal anima.
  12. Kill all the a choranal anima to open the doors at ( 26, 78, 33 ) Copy and ( 27, 78, -24 ) Copy

    Four Chronospheres become attackable during the battle with Lord Triskian Seru, destroy them quickly.

  13. Speak to Lord Triskian Seru at ( 128, 79, 4 ) Copy and defeat him. (Be sure to kill all quest mobs before starting this encounter, IF doing Shattered Dawn: Extiguish the Corrupted light. After killing the quest mobs, you will need to defeat this Boss.)
    • Solo- and Heroic-Zone
      • Cure the arcane disarm
      • Casts Time Slide and Temporal Interference.
      • Charges the nearby chronosphere's, if they reach 100%, you are teleported to ( -44, 78, 4 ) Copy and the encounter resets. As soon as they are attackable, destroy them all. The "epic" mobs are scripted and don't damage you very much. If you AoE near them, they do NOT aggro.
    • Expert-Zones:
      • Lord Triskian Seru will at 50% Health switch into the Forth Dimension. Where he stood, there is a "crack". You have to click it to follow him (everything go to black and white if you enter the forth dimension). WARNING: In that zone you can only survive 30 seconds.
      • In the forth dimenson zone there are 6 "balls". If you click a ball you will come back into the normal zone. If you have clicked all balls also Lord Triskian Seru will come back. Now do the rest of the 50% to defeat him.