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Sanctum of the Scaleborn
Levels 60-70
Sanctum of the Scaleborn.png
Introduced Kingdom of Sky
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to Tenebrous Tangle
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Accessed from Tenebrous Tangle at ( 212, 21, -185 ) Copy

Zone guide[]

Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum oversees the zone from The Lair of Scale.

The zone starts with a tall stairway leading to a large room called the Mouth of the Sanctum. Hallways lead from both sides of the Mouth in a loop to The Oratorium and back. Most monsters in this loop are solo conned, level 60-63, and there are even several named ones among them.

Everything south of The Oratorium is heroic, starting at 63^^^. There is a one way door at the south end of the top floor that leads to The Lair of Scale - it can only be opened from The Lair of Scale side. The only route is to the very bottom of the zone and then up through The Audience Chamber

The only exits from the zone are the main doors and a one-way mirror portal in Exarch's Seclusion deep in the zone's basement.


The Sanctum is a temple established by Droags who venerate the great dragon Harla Dar. The Droag have been performing horrible experiments on captured frogloks, ripping their souls from their bodies to empower themselves and fuel their dark magics.