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Sages create Spell Scrolls for Mages and Priests. The term Sage can also refer to a prefix title granted to a Warlock or Wizard when two points are spent in their last Wisdom line AA in the Sorcerer tree.


Journeyman spell recipes are learned by scribing "Sage Essentials Volume #" scrolls, which can be bought from a Tradeskill Recipe Salesman. Expert spell recipes are learned by scribing "Advanced Sage Volume #" scrolls, found as drops from mobs or bought from the broker. The number of the Volume corresponds with the level of spells that are taught.

Below is a table of the necessary primary components and fuel needed for the Sage to create a spell scroll. Common components used vary from tier to tier, as well as the amount of fuel needed.

NOTE: "Rough" materials will show in your recipe book as "raw". For example; "raw malachite" is actually "rough malachite".

Tier (Tradeskill Level)
(Min Harvesting Skill)
Mage Journeyman (Common) Priest Journeyman (Common) Mage Expert (Rare) Priest Expert (Rare) Fuel
Tier 1 (1-9)
Rough Malachite Rough Malachite Copper Cluster Rough Lapiz Lazuli Incense
Tier 2 (10-19)
Rough Turquoise Rough Turquoise Silver Cluster Rough Coral Cedar Incense
Tier 3 (20-29)
Gold Cluster Rough Agate Palladium Cluster Rough Jasper Jasmine Incense
Tier 4 (30-39)
Velium Cluster Rough Opaline Ruthenium Cluster Rough Opal Sandalwood Incense
Tier 5 (40-49)
Diamondine Cluster Rough Bloodstone Rhodium Cluster Rough Ruby Patchouli Incense
Tier 6 (50-59)
Beryllium Cluster Rough Nacre Vanadium Cluster Rough Pearl Masala Incense
Tier 7 (60-69)
Azurite Cluster Rough Topaz Acrylia Cluster Rough Moonstone Mystical Incense
Tier 8 (70-79)
Deklium Cluster Rough Kunzite Tynnonium Cluster Rough Fire Emerald Sacred Incense
Tier 9 (80-90)
Quicksilver Cluster Amber Kaborite Cluster Ulteran Diamond Ethereal Incense
Tier 10 (91-95)
Iridium Cluster Amethyst Osmium Cluster Black Star Sapphire Effulgent Incense
Tier 11 (96-105)
Iodocus Cluster Uncut tourmaline Lumium Cluster Transcendent Spellshard Effulgent Incense


Sages use Scribing tradeskills.

Sage-Specific Quests and ItemsEdit

See Artisan Quests and Items and Scholar Quests and Items.

Fallen Dynasty Adventure PackEdit

Augren's Auspicous Inkwell and Wantia Artisan's Satchel from the quest The Legendary Paper.

Special RecipesEdit

Bloodline Chronicles Adventure PackEdit

These spells, formerly purcashable, are granted at Apprentice quality when the player reaches level 35. Journeyman and Expert versions are craftable.

Class Spell Name
Inquisitor / Templar Smite Corruption
Fury / Warden Spirit of the Bat
Coercer / Illusionist Mana Cloak
Defiler / Mystic Umbral Trap
Warlock / Wizard Flames of Velious
Conjuror / Necromancer Vampire Bats

Desert of Flames ExpansionEdit

These spells are crafted by Sages who have scribed the corresponding "Ancient Teachings of ..." recipes scrolls. As the Master versions of these spells are rare, the crafted Expert scrolls are well sought after. These Ancient Teachings books can be bought for about 10g each in Maj'Dul if the Sage has +30,000 or more faction with any of the Courts.

Class Level 52 Level 55 Level 58
Coercer Mindbend Amnesia Channel
Conjuror Call of the Hero Winds of Velious Elemental Unity
Defiler Soul Cannibalize Voice of the Ancestors Spiritual Circle
Fury Back into the Fray Ring of Fire Hibernation
Illusionist Savante Illusory Allies Spellshield
Inquisitor Heresy Fervent Faith Convert
Mystic Torpor Slothful Spirit Ancestral Balm
Necromancer Siphoning of Souls Control Undead Consumption
Templar Reverence Sanctuary Divine Arbitration
Warden Tunare's Watch Nature's Pack Healing Grove
Warlock Dark Infestation Null Caress Netherealm
Wizard Numbing Cold Furnace of Ro Storming Tempest

Echoes of Faydwer ExpansionEdit

This spell scroll can only be crafted by Sages who have scribed "The Tender's Secrets Volume 1"; a rare recipe book which drops in The Emerald Halls. This rare book (along with other rare recipe drops from the zone) used to be no-trade, but can now be found on the broker.

Class Spell Name
Mystic Scroll of Fire Seeds

Rise of Kunark ExpansionEdit

Some special recipe scrolls can be bought when sufficient faction with the corresponding Kunark Faction is obtained.

Faction (Amount) Recipe Scroll Contains Recipes
Riliss (+20,000) Riliss Arcana Volume I Grandmaster Service Summoning Scroll
Riliss (+30,000) Riliss Arcana Volume II Chronicles of Riliss
Bathezid's Watch (+20,000) Bathezid Arcana Volume I Master Service Summoning Scroll
Bathezid's Watch (+30,000) Bathezid Arcana Volume II Di'Zok Hatchery Rhymes
Legion of Danak (+20,000) Danak Arcana Volume I Sathirian Scroll of Benediction

Sathirian Scroll of Combat

Legion of Danak (+30,000) Danak Arcana Volume II Dimensional Pocket Expander

The Shadow Odyssey ExpansionEdit

These special recipes can be bought from Koros Splinterlimb when sufficient faction is obtained in Mara.

Faction (Amount) Recipe Scroll Contains Recipes
Village of Shin (+40,000) Scribes' Secrets of Miragul, Volume I Rune Frosted Barrier Wand
Village of Shin (+40,000) Scribes' Secrets of Miragul, Volume II Rune Frosted Blasting Wand

Sentinel's Fate ExpansionEdit

Some special recipe scrolls can be bought when sufficient faction with the corresponding Sentinel's Fate Faction is obtained.

Faction (Amount) Recipe Scroll Contains Recipes
Researchers of Quel'ule (+40,000) Sage Secrets of Quel'ule mottled leather notebook

Quel'ule researcher's leather notebook
Quel'ule Scroll of Combat
Quel'ule Scroll of Power
spotted leather notebook

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