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Safe Fall is a skill that all Kerra and all scouts, bruisers and monks get which increase the safe distance you are able to fall from.


Falling Damage and Safe Fall Skill (taken from Game Update 29 patch notes)

  • Falling damage is no longer taken as a percentage of your total health.
  • Distance is now the only modifier in the amount of damage taken, falling velocity is no longer a variable.
  • Damage is calculated as (Distance Fallen * 125).
  • A safe distance fall is 13 meters or less (Just under the height of a griffon tower platform).
  • A terminal fall is 80 meters. Any fall from that height (without safefall skill or some magic) will deal 30,000 points of damage.
  • Safe Fall Skill increases the safe distance fall by 1 meter for every 5 points of skill. A skill of 250 would increase the distance a character could fall without taking damage from 13 meters to 63 meters ((250 / 5) + 13).
  • Super jump abilities will now fall at the normal rate when jumping off very high places.


  • Safe fall is perhaps the most time consuming skill to develop. Initially, the character with the safe fall skill can climb up the edges of a valley wall (like any other character) and then jump, and advance the skill. In short order, however, additional skill increases require jumping from higher and higher elevation. It appears that the fastest way to advance the skill is to jump from as high as the character can without actually taking damage (or at least taking minimal damage).
  • For user's suggested places to skill up safe fall, see the talk page.
  • If you have a house or guild hall with a high ceiling or no ceiling... you can place 2 teleport pads. 1 on the ground, and 1 very near but at some height (holding CTRL and using the mouse wheel will let you set the TP Pad's height). Then simply teleport up to the higher pad, walk off, teleport up, walk off, etc.
    • If you stop getting skill-ups, simply raise the upper teleport pad up a bit.

Skill CapEdit

The skill cap for safe fall is based off your adventure level only. (Level*5=Cap)

  • 10/2019 Flying mount, commonlands Tower of zavron stand beside the door fly straight up untill your head is level with the roof edge then cancel mount and fall, remount rinse and repeat. When skill ups stop go higher untill you take dmg. Keep at the same height untill you stop taking damage then go a little higher.
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