Quest Information Edit

Level 20
Category The Commonlands

This is one of a group of quests in series 3 of a 3-series quest line in the Freeport Sabotage Quest Timeline.

Starting the Quest Edit

  • Speak to Gil McMartin in the Commonlands (-1030, -50, -11) outside the West Freeport gates.
  • You must have completed the 10 sabotage quests in the Commonlands series and the 8 quests in the Freeport District series before you are offered this quest.

Steps Edit

  1. Enter any of the main areas of the city of Freeport (e.g., North, West, East, or South).
  2. Within 30 minutes, find and destroy 5 guard ledgers (they look like open books) at the various Freeport inns. You may need to enter all areas of Freeport to find enough ledgers.
  3. Return to Gil McMartin for your reward.

Rewards Edit


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